This website is created to support the needs of knowledge dissemination and to provide an educational/research dialogue tool within the framework of the courses “Tribology”, “Advanced Materials”, “Heat Treatments”, “Quality Assurance Systems and Advanced Welding Technologies.


It is addressed, first, to the Students of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the School of Technological Applications of the Technical Educational Institute of Piraeus (T.E.I. Piraeus), targeting to the rapid transfer of relevant scientific information and to the provision of the necessary technical details on the courses’ everyday practice. It should be stressed that the website is implemented as a tool supportive and complementary to classroom lectures and laboratory practice and in no case it should either displace the requirement of students’ physical presence in lecture halls and laboratories, or demote the value of direct contact between teachers and students.


It is also addressed to all interested parties of the scientific/ technological/ enterprising community that have the “curiosity” to investigate the results of educational/ research activities of a part of the Higher Technological Education in Greece or/and to interact with it for the exchange of scientific/ educational information and the implementation of joint research projects on subjects of common interest.


All of us working for the accomplishment of these four courses strongly believe that the process of “knowledge conquer” is an individual educational wandering adventure in a perpetual long-distance race against the “least effort” approach. Thus, this website is offered to facilitate this journey and by no means to substitute it with a “virtual tour”. In our share of responsibility, we will try from our position to contribute in ensuring that our students upon their graduation as Technological Education Mechanical Engineers, have acquired the knowledge and skills demanded by the current technological level, that will allow them to pretend their share in the employment market with competence and dignity and to demand their right to advance whatever the world would be.

Dr P.P. Psyllaki

Minining and Metallurgy Engineer, N.T.U.A

    250 Thivon and P. Ralli, 122 44 Egaleo, Greece, Tel.: (+30) 210 5381292, E-mail: