Heat Treatments


An important part of the basic course concepts, as described in the current Department’s curriculum, is covered from the course “Quality Control – Materials Technology”, taught in the 3rd semester under the responsibility of the Department of Physics, Chemistry & Materials Technology of our Institute.


The course entitled “Heat Treatment” is offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department during the 6th semester of its curriculum, when the students have already covered basic sciences issues concerning the Mechanical Engineering field and are, therefore, in a position to face complex technological application problems.


Within the framework of the course, special chapters are taught emphasizing on:

        The effect of heat treatments on the performance of engineering materials in various operation environments

        The methodology of process and materials selection for specific engineering applications

        The surface treatments of mechanical parts (thermal spray coatings, thermochemical processes, conventional & non-conventional surface treatments).


The structure of the course is such to guarantee an integrated approach of the heat treatments field from the materials’ selection stage up to the manufacture of a mechanical component that requires maximization of its safe operation lifetime, as described schematically below.



With the successful completion of the course, the students will:

         Become proficient in concepts and knowledge acquired in previous semesters

         Clarify the interconnection between basic concepts/ knowledge from the fields of Materials, Processes and Mechanics and the final application of mechanical parts/ systems

         Acquire an integrated methodology approach on the performance of shaped/ formed and machined materials under real operating conditions

         Familiarize themselves with modern methodologies/ strategies of materials/ heat treatment selection for industrial applications

         Understand the crucial role of the surface modification of engineering materials on their performance and of modern techniques for its realization.

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