The “Tribology” course (7th semester) belongs to the wider field of Surface Engineering. “Tribology” has only recently emerged, as an independent scientific field and its introduction as a core course of the Mechanical Construction Division of polytechnic/ technological schools was an important innovation for the Greek tertiary education. Given the fact that the majority of systems and devices incorporate moving mechanical parts, the knowledge of basic concepts and mechanisms underlying their operation is of crucial technological importance.


With respect to its structure, the knowledge offered in the course concerns:

       Clarification of basic concepts, like the tribo-system’s definition, its main operating parameters and the critical materials’ volumetric and surface properties affecting its operation

         Surface micro-geometry (Roughness) analysis and measurement

       Assessment of the mechanical loading effects on surface and sub-surface layers of conjugated, non-moving bodies (Elasto-static theory)

      Movement deceleration mechanisms of bodies in contact (Friction) that increase energy requirements

      Surface degradation mechanisms during relative motion of conjugated bodies(Wear) that cause mass losses

     Special topics on the action of solid, liquid and hybrid lubricants targeted to facilitate motion, without crucial dimensional change of bodies, leading to minimization of energy and mass loss.

     Special topics on technological applications of slider and roller journals and their calculation

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