Advanced Welding Technologies


The course entitled “Advanced Welding Technologies” is offered by the Mechanical Construction Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department during the 6th semester of its curriculum, and belongs to the wider field of Materials Manufacturing and Processes. Successful attendance of earlier semester courses that cover basic knowledge is not required. However, given the topic’s trans-scientific nature, comprehension of phenomena governing the relevant mechanical applications requires the technological perception of the controlling mechanisms on:

  • Steady and non-steady state heat transfer
  • Influence of temperature distribution on the microstructure of metals and alloys
  • Materials behaviour under mechanical loading


Within the framework of the course the principles of fusion weld techniques and of non-destructive testing of the structure’s quality are taught. Special emphasis is given to:

-        Heat transfer phenomena in semi-infinite solids and finite sheets due to moving point heat sources

-        Metallurgical transformations during solidification of liquid metals and cooling of alloys

-        Internal stress fields developed within metallic materials under given boundary conditions

-        Post-welding treatments aiming to avoid catastrophic failure of welded structures




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